Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Angry Birds on facebook

When you speak about best games, you probably cannot forget to mention Angry Birds. Even this is not that game that is famous because of facebook, lot of people wants to play it on facebook, but it is sometimes hard to find this game there. There are lot of fake links that leads somewhere where you wil not find real Angry Birds on facebook.
The original Angry Birds is game developed by Rovio Mobile, company from Finland. It was first released for Apple and it got really big succes. That was the reason, why this game was released in few other version, very important was to create version for Android mobile phones.
Well, Angry Birds is not game only for mobile phones, people wants to play this game on their computers also, they wants to play it online and of course also on facebook. Well, I have been looking for Angry Birds on facebook for quite long time, but finally I found them. I think that Angry Birds really belongs here to best facebook games, even this game was originally not designed for facebook, it is so popular now that it must be one of the best games and if you can play it now on facebook, it really is one of the best facebook games.
If you don't know already what Angry Birds are about than you should know that your task is to get your stolen eggs from group of bad green pigs. In every level, your task is to hit the pigs using birds and slingshot. You can hit the pigs directly or eliminate them by destroying their structures.

The address where you can find real Angry Birds on facebook is this one

Rating 8/10

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