Sunday, September 25, 2011

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

Hello facebook games fanatics, lately I have not been updating this blog too much, had no time and it was also really hard to find some games that are interesting for me. Well, finally I have found game that is good enough to be placed here on best facebook games.
The game this article is about war strategy sci-fi game and if you visit this blog regularly, you know that I just love these games. This game is situated to post apocalyptic world that is divided to small sectors where local leaders fights against each other for power and resources, in this future the most important resources are titan and uranium. When you have enough of titanium, uranium and money, you can buy lot of soldiers and defeat other players, what is of course the goal of this game. There is also research that allows you to upgrade your units or create new ones, you have to store your resources properly and much more. It is in fact quite complex game, even the basic principle is quite simple. Well it is not so simple, that would be so much fun, because this is of course social game also you can make alliances, you can trade resources and special modules you need for research with other players and more.

From the first moment of playing this game you see that this is really very professional work, because the graphics of this game is beautiful and all the futuristic buildings and units looks really great. If you have already played Backyard Monster, which you can also find here on this blog, you will probably now very well how to play this game. You are just building buildings for your resources, army and defense and then you attack enemies and defend yourself really very similar as in Backyard Monsters. I have to say that I like this facebook game more, because Backyard Monsters seems to be more childish and I really like the world this game is situated much more. So if you like strategy sci-fi games, you gonna love this one. If you want to play one of the best facebook games created this year, then try Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy.

Rating 9/10

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