Thursday, September 8, 2011

Diablo III beta

I must admit I am a bit confused about what I am allowed to say or not. I am in the Diablo III closed beta, and to install it I had to click through a testing agreement which stated that even the very existence of the Diablo III beta test was confidential. On the other hand the Diablo III forums clearly state that "If you have a beta license, you are free to show, share, or talk about any portion of the beta content to which you have access, as this beta test is not confidential." There is also already a lot of gaming press writing about what appears to seem this very same beta.

I think I will engage in some serious beta testing of this game, and write about it only when I have more than a first impression, taking into account the beta status of the game. If Blizzard treats me like a responsible journalist, I might as well behave like one. :)

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