Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mistaken beta-tester mails from SWTOR

I was surprised today to find two mails from EA Bioware in my inbox, one asking me to fill out a survey about my beta-testing experience, and the other suggesting that after having beta-tested SWTOR I might want to pre-order it. Only problem is that they got it the wrong way round: I am not in the beta, but I already pre-ordered. I fired off an inquiry to support, and as it turns out they sent those mails to lots of people by mistake. So despite evidence to the contrary, I'm still not in the beta.

But hey, it wasn't a total loss. I did receive an automated response from EA Bioware customer service that made me smile. And when was the last time an automated e-mail made you smile? It went like this:
Greetings Humanoid,

I am the automatic Protocol Response Droid A1-A1, Human-Cyborg relations.
You have successfully submitted a ticket to the Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ galactic customer support team.
A Protocol Droid will contact you in-game or via email within the next 24 hours.
We appreciate your patience and enthusiasm and are looking forward to seeing you in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™!
Galactic support is our speciality…

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