Monday, May 29, 2006

Kranky Kraut

Did I ever mention that this blog is a honey trap? I get people to link to me or to comment here, and then I follow their link back to their own MMORPG blog. Made my life finding other people's blogs so much easier. :)

My latest find is the blog of Kranky Kraut. Not a big blog, but excellent compilation of leaked Vanguard beta information, among other things. I hope Kranky forgives me for linking to him, his first blog post complains about "circle jerks", blogs commenting on other blogs. :)

Do you remember when WoW wasn't out yet and all we had was this incredible hype leaked from the beta testers? It turns out Vanguard is just the opposite: all the beta tester leaks are either rather negative, or do a bad job of putting a positive spin on uninspiring game play aspects. The more I hear about Vanguard, the less I'm looking forward to it. I do believe that a "hardcore" MMORPG could be viable, if its quality is as good as the more casual friendly alternatives. Imagine WoW with 4 times as many xp needed for each level and a harsher death penalty, and you would have a more hardcore game which would still be very playable. Quality is not related to hardcoreness. Unfortunately in spite of all the promises from the Vanguard team, it seems that it doesn't score very high on the quality axis, so where exactly it is on the hardcore axis becomes irrelevant.

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