Friday, May 26, 2006

WoW Journal - 27-May-2006

Due to wisdom acquired during the last guild drama, there will be no more names of guilds and characters other than my own mentioned on this blog. Unless of course I *want* to badmouth somebody intentionally for causing me grief, as a weapon of last resort. :)

So I am in a new guild, which is a bit bigger than the old guild, and has a more powerful alliance partner. Thus even with just two guild the MC raids get more than 40 signups regularly. Luckily it seems that priests are in low supply in these guilds, and on my first signing up for a MC raid with the new guild, I get chosen first from the waiting list. At that point the raid has 3 priests and 6 druids, although later a 4th priest joins. I'm more used to raids with half a dozen priests and only one or two druids. There are also tons of warriors, and few hunters, another situation I know the reverse of better.

On this first raid with them we kill Lucifron, Magmadar, Gehennas, Garr, Geddon, and Shazzrah. With having seen Geddon only once (and lost), and never seen Shazzrah at all, I considered that pretty good, especially all in one evening. All bosses died on the first attempt, except Shazzrah, who needed two attempts due to some repops in the first fight. Teamspeak helps to speed raids up considerably, even if not every last member is using it. And this guild alliance wouldn't even be considered to be "uber", never having even killed Onyxia yet. But they sure do have MC down pat. Fortunately I managed to keep up with that kind of performance, and never messed up my healing. I was "the bomb" three times at Geddon, but managed to run to a wall far away from the others, and even survive me exploding all three times.

The only thing that I was a bit disappointed of was that besides being faster, the raids was exactly the same as raiding with the old guild. Two completely different groups of 40 people using *exactly* the same strategies on all the bosses. There are fine nuances in the exact raid mix, success, and speed of execution, but it is more like comparing two different theatre companies performing Shakespeare's Hamlet than two different armies fighting battles against the same enemy.

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