Thursday, September 6, 2007

Releases, releases

Yesterday Legends of Norrath officially went live for all Everquest players. I'll play it some more, now also testing how LoN cards drop in EQ2, over the weekend and hope to write a review sometime next week.

On October 19 Tabula Rase is going to be released (Thanks to = # # = for the link). My preview of that one is already written. And as the NDA will be lifted tomorrow, tomorrow it is for the release of my preview.

Meanwhile rumors have it that the combat system wasn't the only thing delaying the Age of Conan release date. It appears the game simply wasn't ready, still having big holes in the design. Given how the first half of 2008 is going to be dominated by WotLK and WAR, maybe postponing AoC even further into the second half of 2008 would be wiser. Sure, no MMORPG was ever "finished" at release, otherwise we wouldn't have all those patches. But a negative first impression can really kill a game. See Vanguard, although apparently that game is in reconvalescence since they merged all their servers to just 4 of them.

No news on the release dates of Pirates of the Burning Seas or Gods & Heroes. Bets are still taken on whether these two will make their announced "Fall 2007" release dates. As we are already in September, and neither even has the date of an open beta announced, they would need to move rather quickly to be out by November for the holiday sales.

What MMORPG do you hope to find under your christmas tree?

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