Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Star Wars Miniatures

I recently bought a starter pack and a booster of Star Wars Miniatures. This is a miniatures tabletop game in which you buy the miniatures very much like you buy cards for a trading card game. A booster costs $15 and contains 7 random miniatures, with no way to see what you'll get in advance. The starter set has a rulebook for a simple tabletop game, doing squad-sized battles between various factions in the Star Wars universe. I just ordered 5 more boosters to get more miniatures. Only I don't plan to use them for their original purpose.

The reason I'm buying is that me and my friends recently finished a Dungeons & Dragons campaign that had lasted for years. And now we are going to try a campaign of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game (The d6 version from West End Games, not the d20 version from WotC). And whatever system we are playing, we are usually using 25-mm metal miniatures to indicate who stands where in combat. But with all previous campaigns having been fantasy-based, we got lots of figurines for elves, orcs, fighters and mages, but none that would be suitable for a Star Wars game. Thus the Star Wars Miniatures. They are plastic, not metal, but they come already painted, and at $2 apiece are comparatively cheap.

Now I would just need to find a game shop or game convention in Belgium where people actually play and trade the Star Wars Miniatures game. Then I could trade those of my rares that aren't useful for role-playing against a larger number of commons you'd expect to turn up often in the RPG, like stormtroopers for example.

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