Thursday, September 20, 2007

World of Warcraft Internet TV

Sites like YouTube have thousands of World of Warcraft videos showing boss fights and other achievements. Most of them are really, really bad. There are no or just minimal comments, the video is blurry, and the purpose seems to be bragging much more than giving information. So the guys from ON Networks sensed unmet demand, and produced ON Warcraft, a World of Warcraft downloadable TV show. The show has two hosts giving comments like anchormen of a sport show, leading you through the instances of World of Warcraft. Currently only the Hellfire Ramparts videos are available, but the fact that this one instance is covered in 4 videos shows you the level of detail. I'm embedding the first video, giving a general overview of Hellfire Ramparts, including basic stuff on how to get there, at the bottom of this post. The other three videos are about the three boss fights. You can get the videos on the ON Warcraft site, or via iTunes.

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