Monday, February 4, 2008

Can you change the music in WoW?

My wife has the bad habit of leaving her computer on with WoW being on the character selection screen or login screen. And World of Warcraft plays one particularly annoying piece of music on those two screens. Well, maybe it is only particularly annoying after you listened to it for hours. I can turn off her sound, but then she has to turn it back on again every time.

So I was wondering whether there was a way to play a different song on the login and character selection screen. Are the WoW music pieces stored somewhere as a file and can be replaced with another file cleverly renamed? Or is there some other trick to change the music in WoW? I know it is possible for example to change the sound of when you catch a fish, making it more audible or even replace it by something silly. Does something similar work for the music?

I'd be grateful for any advice or links to websites explaining how it works.

[EDIT: Copied the following method from the comments section. It works!

Took some research to relearn how to change the login/character screen music 'cause I'm on a WoW hiatus, but here's the no-MPQ-tampering method. Navigate to your World of Warcraft/Data/ directory and create this heirarchy of folders within: Sound\Music\GlueScreenMusic. Once that's done, drop in your desired login music (mp3 only I suppose, thought I haven't experimented with other formats) and rename the file to wow_main_theme.mp3 if you have vanilla WoW or BC_main_theme.mp3 for Burning Crusade installs.

It's actually a somewhat interesting story why this works, going back to the time when there was no Interface folder and the Data folder was your one-stop shop for customizing all sorts of WoW things. Tip: I believe you can also override other default music with this technique, with the correct folder heirarchies and file name in hand.



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