Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pimp my warrior

My warrior in World of Warcraft is currently spec'd 41-20 arms-fury, for Mortal Strike in PvP. I don't even think it's a good PvP spec, I'm not very good at minmaxing builds. But in any case I don't plan to keep it. Once I got a nice 1h-sword from PvP, I'm going back to my old 15-5-41 protection spec, or something very similar. But maybe I take a detour first, get the off-hand 1h-sword as well, and go fury for maximum PvE dps. Only I'm not quite sure what build would achieve maximum PvE dps using two swords. I'd like to use dual-wield because then I can use the same sword for tanking.

Well, it won't be right away, because I'm going on a holiday for a week starting this weekend. There is a chance that you won't hear from me next week. So to not leave you bored, I'm giving you a challenge: pimp my warrior!

1) Tell me how I could improve my tank build. Must be using 1h-sword and must have Devastate, thus at least 41 points in protection. The build you would want the tank next to you in the heroic dungeon to have.

2) Tell me what dual-wielding build you think would deal the most damage in PvE for farming and questing purposes. Again I prefer 1h-swords, but other than that the build should be dual-wielding swords there is no limitation. Not a hybrid build, I'd like to know what build you think would deal the absolute maximum damage in solo PvE, farming and questing.

You can contribute either by comments on which talents you find absolutely essential for one or both of these two talent builds, or which ones you'd leave out. Or you can link to a complete build on the official World of Warcraft site or any third-party talent calculator like Wowhead. Please note that Blogger accepts links in comments only in full HTML, that is in <a href="">my site</a> form.

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