Thursday, February 7, 2008

An evening of WoW fishing

I don't get to play all that much this week. I had work and other Real Life® related things going on most evenings this week, which kept me from signing up for any raids, because I either I couldn't play at all, or only with interruptions. So last night I did an activity in WoW where interruptions aren't all that harmful: fishing. I fished all evening in Terokkar Forest, getting my fishing skill up from 305 to 325. Progress is relatively slow, one point of skill every 10 fish caught, but the money is good.

I started out fishing in Silmyr Lake. Supposedly the chance to catch a Golden Darter there is around 20%, but my results were a bit lower. Anyway, the Golden Darter can be cooked into Golden Fish Sticks, which sell for an incredible 3 gold each. You also catch trout and feltail, which are just worth 10% of the golden darters, but then you catch a lot of them.

After a while I got bored standing always on the same spot, so I turned on my fish tracker and flew along the rivers of Terokkar Forest to find schools of fish. You find mostly feltail schools, which aren't all that interesting, except for the chance to get a mote of water out of them. I also got some chests and scroll cases, but their content wasn't all that valuable. More interesting but rare are the school of darter. I met some other people flying along the rivers, so I wasn't quite sure whether these schools were naturally rare, or just fished empty much faster. Probably both.

When my fishing skill went up to 325, I flew up to the elevated lakes. There weren't any other anglers around, so I got lots of highland mixed schools, finding some golden darters and lots of also very valuable furious crawdads. No Mr. Pinchy, but that would have been too much to hope for.

I ended the evening by porting back to Shattrath, cooking my fish, and sending them to my auction house bank alt. I also sent him one stack each of the less valuable uncooked fish, to see how fast those sell. If all that fish sells to the prices that Auctioneer thinks they are worth, I will make a quite decent pile of money. But my main purpose with fishing for the moment is to get my skill up to 375. Apparently patch 2.4 will add daily fishing quests to the game, and I guess I'll need to be at or near the skill cap to do those. I wonder if Blizzard is going to add any other daily profession quests. Of the profession everyone can do only first aid remains, and I have a hard time imagining a daily bandaging quest. For all the other professions players are limited to choosing two of them, so lets say a daily alchemist quest would only help those players who have alchemy. Blizzard would need to add daily quests for all of those primary professions at once to give something to everybody.

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