Monday, June 16, 2008

Best AoC review evah!

Since Scott Jennings isn't (Lum the) Mad any more, he unfortunately writes a lot less, and his blog entries are nowadays often just one-liner links. Which is a shame, because WHEN he writes, he writes so extremely well. His analysis of Age of Conan is spot on, quote: "You can have a server bugfest and a client that barely runs on year-old machines - but all is forgiven, as long as you can set things on fire."

Of course he is writing about the Herald of Xotl, the class I played too. Scott says: "Age of Conan clearly has staked out a niche: people who like burning things. My suspicion is that this may be a fairly large niche." And my problem with AoC is probably that setting virtual people on fire only amuses me for a rather short time, I'm not part of this fairly large niche. I find the various fatalities, with or without fire, a bit disgusting, especially the blood splatter on the "camera". Maybe I should have bought the German version. But I can see how gore and nipples, plus semi-twitchy gameplay, can attract a fairly large crowd of young, male, hardcore gamers with hardcore gaming PCs. And that's okay. Not every MMORPG has to be for everyone. It is okay to have games targeted at some specific audience. Now where is the game specifically for the middle-aged male who prefers strategic thinking and tactics in his MMORPG?

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