Sunday, June 29, 2008

WWI 2008 goodie bag

As somebody asked what was in the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational goodie bag, I'll tell you:
  • A card with codes for a ingame pet, and another code for access to an unnamed Blizzard beta. I tried the beta code on the indicated website, and it didn't work. I tried the pet code on the indicated webpage, got an ingame code, but the instructions sent me to the NPC in Booty Bay, where there was no WWI 2008 pet listed. Speculation is that the pet will only come with the next patch. Or I need to go to another NPC, like the one near the fishing trainer in Orgrimmar with the murloc pets.
  • A starter set of Dark Portal WoW trading cards.
  • A collectible miniature for the upcoming WoW Miniatures game from Upper Deck.
  • A fake leather bound book with a Diablo theme and empty pages to take notes.
  • A WWI 2008 brochure with additional information about the event.
  • A WWI 2008 mousemat.
  • Promotional material with extra counters for Starcraft the Board Game.
  • Various other small advertising leaflets.
And all that came in a nice black WWI 2008 backpack. I'm pretty happy with the mix, although I'm still dying to know what the pet will be. And I hope Blizzard fixes the problem of the codes for the unnamed beta not working (the code of my wife didn't work either).

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