Saturday, June 14, 2008

Maybe I'm press after all

On the old question of whether bloggers are press, my stance has always been that it doesn't matter so much what I think I am, it only matters what game companies think I am. I mentioned previously that I asked Blizzard for a press pass to the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational 2008 in Paris in two weeks, and they generously promised me a free ticket. That was already quite a success, but it looked as if that was just a regular free ticket, just like the one I already bought. But now I got the mail with the link to print out the barcode that I'll have to scan at the entrance to get the ticket. And while my bought barcode say "attendee" under it, my free ticket barcode says "PRESS". So, woot, apparently I'm press after all.

I've been attending game conventions as attendee and as referee (DCI certified judge for Magic the Gathering), but never as press. I'm promising you extensive coverage, but not live coverage, laptops are actually banned on the convention floor. One is also not allowed to photograph or film any computer screens, so I'll just leave my camera at home. I have no idea whether I'll have the opportunity to interview anyone, so I'm wondering whether I should buy a voice recorder. Maybe I'll do it just for the look: Tobold the reporter. :) But knowing myself my coverage of the event will be short on journalistic fact finding, and long on impressions and opinions.

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