Friday, June 13, 2008

WoWnui or general burnout?

Normally when I travel I get MMO withdrawel, yearning for my current virtual world to play on. That is why I have WoW installed on my laptop. But on this trip I didn't play WoW at all. And I wasn't missing it either. Nor did I miss Age of Conan or any of the betas I'm in. Over the past weeks I only occasionally logged into WoW and did things like Shadowcloth or alchemy transmutes, but no real playing. I have WoWnui, or WoW burnout, and don't really feel compelled to play it any more, until something changes. I didn't cancel my account because in two weeks I'm going to the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational in Paris. (On my request for a press pass, Blizzard generously sent me a free ticket, which I don't need, because I already paid for one. I thinkt they misunderstood what I wanted.)

But the problem is that when I play other MMORPGs, I don't get much more excited either. Yes, other games have other classes, other spells and abilities, other content. But the basic gameplay of quest NPCs sending you out to kill 10 foozles and you earning xp to level up towards some level cap and repetitive end-game (PvE or PvP) remains pretty much the same. So while I'm still looking forward to games like WAR, it isn't with the same fervor as I was looking forward to WoW 4 years ago.

So how about you? If you are burned out from WoW, do you consider other MMORPGs as the solution to your problem? Or do these games all play like Progressquest to you? Are you still excited about MMORPGs in general, even if you are suffering from WoWnui?

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