Saturday, June 21, 2008

Beyond orcs and elves

While the first tier of triple-A 3D MMORPGs is somewhat dominated by fantasy games, the variety is much bigger with browser games and other free-to-play games. A reader alerted me to Football Manager Live, which is a massively multiplayer online football manager game from SEGA, currently in beta. I'm not in the beta yet, so I can't say how good the game is, but I looked at various blogs covering the game, like FMLMod and Zutcorp FC, and the game appears to be quite interesting. Normal football manager games are often a bit boring, because they are designed to let you win in the long run. In FML you play against other players, and they are as eager to win as you are, and you need luck and the better strategy to win. Might be worth checking out once the game goes live.

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