Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Aren't you getting tired at night?

I get up at 6:30 in the morning, start working at 8, leave work at 5, come home around 6, eat, and start playing. Last night I was playing World of Warcraft again for a change, and my guild was interrupting their summer raiding break with some light Kara raiding. I wasn't signed up, but they needed another healer, so I joined with my priest. Raid started around 8, and by 11 I was deadly tired. Some other priest from my guild logged on and asked for a raid spot, and I let him have mine, happy to be able to go to bed. I'm sure the other guys continued raiding past midnight. Am I the only one getting tired at night?

Playing late is certainly part of the raiding culture. Raids don't start at 6 in the evening, but rather later, so everyone has time to come home, bring the kids to be if he has any, or do other family duties. If you are unlucky like me, you live in the later timezone of all the zones covered by your server; when it's midnight for me, it's only 11 for the Brits I'm playing with. On the weekends I can sleep longer in the morning and am less tired at night, but raiding until after midnight on Sunday night comes back to haunt you on Monday morning when the alarm rings. So I really wonder how everyone makes it. Are they just younger and less tired than me? Can they all sleep longer in the morning?

One thing I'm looking forward to with Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning is that the group activities are less structured. Nobody cares if one healer goes to bed at 11 in the middle of a keep raid, it's not like a WoW raid which would stop if someone left until a replacement could be found. A public quest you can start whenever there are other people around, and leave whenever you don't want to play any more. There is no need to stay up beyond the point of exhaustion. I might be missing some 3 am keep raids, but I don't care. I need my 7 to 8 hours of beauty sleep every night!

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