Wednesday, August 6, 2008

WAR release date September 18

A multitude of rumors and leaks left not very many people surprised when GOA, the European distributor of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning announced that the release date will be September 18, worldwide. Even in Australia! European will pay Euro 12.99 per month if they pay month by month, with the usual reductions for 3- and 6-month contracts. In fact WAR in Europe will cost exactly the same as WoW, which means that it will be 2 Euros ($3) per month cheaper than Age of Conan.

The US monthly fee is $14.99, according to the US announcement. It appears as if the US preorder date for the standard edition is August 23, while in Europe you have to wait with your preorder until August 28, not that this would matter in any way. Of course the collector's edition has been available for preorder already for some time, and is sold out in most places.

So as I guessed earlier today, unless Blizzard pulls a rather untypical stunt, we'll have two months to play WAR before WotLK comes out and changes the equation again. I so hope that WAR is a bigger success and less of a disappointment than Age of Conan.

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