Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Frankl wrote me with an interesting idea: What if players could be member of two guilds at once in MMORPGs? For example one small guild with friends for social purposes, and one less personal but more effective big guild for raiding or keep capture RvR. Either players could switch between which of the two guilds is "active", depending on whether they want to hang out or achieve something at the moment. Or they could just be member of both in parallel, with guild chat in different colors.

Guilds have more than one purpose, and the social and achievement purposes are often at odds with each other. Effective raiding or PvP guilds are large, and with a somewhat military style of organization. That breeds success, but isn't very cozy. You won't be "friends" with the 100+ members of a large guild. Meanwhile small guilds are a lot more intimate, but besides being fun to hang out with don't get much done beyond small group dungeon runs.

So why not have both? Do you think that the ability to be member of more than one guild would be a good idea, or would that weaken the alredy not-so-great social cohesion of the big guilds?

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