Sunday, August 3, 2008

WAR is hiring

Have you spent the last 10 years locked in your parents basement to play MMOs instead of going to school? Do you know every intricate detail about the Warhammer lore, but got no marketable skills whatsoever? Are you stupid enough to think that a low-paid job in the game industry is better than a high-paid job in a more serious field? No problem, WAR is hiring! You can earn $12.07 per hour, 40 hours per week on "a flexible schedule with openness to night, weekend & holiday shift schedules", by working for Warhammer Online customer support. That's $25,000 a year! That certainly must be enough for a decent computer plus pizza every day. Who cares if you make two to three times that much as a starting salary in engineering or accounting? Much more fun to apply your math skills on the tricky problems of theorycrafting. It's not enough money for a family, but hey, between your "flexible schedule" and your raiding priorities you wouldn't have time for that anyway.

Sarcasm aside, $12 an hour for shift work really isn't very much. $25,000 a year is just over twice the official US poverty line for a single-person household, less than twice for a 2+ person household. If you were working shifts as a unionized worker in a plant you'd pull about twice that. And you could also get twice that as starting salary for many 9 to 5 jobs requiring a college degree, with better career outlooks to boost. It isn't even as if customer service for a game is an especially pleasant job, just read the official WoW forums for an hour if you don't believe me. Ever wondered why the customer service in many MMORPGs is so bad? Well, the customer service representatives being underpaid and overworked isn't helping. And the game industry, especially EA, is famous for exploiting young people's enthusiasm for gaming. Accounting or engineering might sound a lot more boring, but in the end it's the better career choice than working in the game industry.

Oh, and that WAR customer service job starts "August 2008". That'll give fuel to the rumours of a September release.

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