Monday, January 25, 2010

The addons I use

Ashlandur asked me two things by e-mail: 1) What my policy on post requests was, and 2) what World of Warcraft addons I was personally using. My policy on post requests is that since I abandoned the Open Sunday Threads, you can request posts from me by e-mail. And as Ashlandur had just done that, here are the addons I use in WoW, in alphabetical order:

AckisRecipeList: Tells me for each of my profession whether I have all the recipes, and if not, where I can get the missing ones.

AdvancedTradeSkillWindow: Only using that because the "Glypher" subrouting of Auctioneer requires it.

AllPlayed: To count my virtual gold, which is distributed over many characters, on two different servers. Also tells me that I'm playing too much WoW. :)

Auctioneer: The standard auction house interface of World of Warcraft is too limited if you want to start any sort of business. Auctioneer allows you to post many auctions at once, allows you to undercut the lowest price by a fixed amount or percentage, and stores prices to give you an idea of the average value of goods, among other things.

Deadly Boss Mobs: The "You Idiot, you are standing in the fire, get a move on!" addon, which replaces whatever situational awareness skill I would otherwise have needed to play in dungeons and raids. ;)

Decursive: Another dungeon/raid addon, to quickly dispel magic or cure diseases with my priest.

FishingBuddy: Reduces the amount of clicking to fish in WoW.

GatherMate: Marks herb and ore nodes you found on your mini-map for future farming.

GearScore: Reduces a person to a single number, to be laughed about.

Healbot: A click-to-heal addon without which healing in raids would be a lot harder.

Telo's Info Bar: Shows some interesting information like fps, bag space, gold, lag, and coordinates on top of your screen.

LilSparky's Workshop: This is supposed to list the cost to make and market price of items in your tradeskill window, but unfortunately is extremely unreliable on the cost column, for example by taking extremely high pigment costs for glyphs instead of counting the much lower and more direct ink costs.

Omen: A threat meter.

ORA2: A raid organization addon.

PallyPower: Manages paladin buffs.

Postal: Your 1,000 auctions of glyphs expired. Use this to empty your mailbox, or get carpal tunnel syndrome trying to do it manually.

QuestGuru: Alternative quest journal, giving you added information like level of quest, as well as a list of which quests in each zone you already did, and which you didn't.

Recount: See Gearscore, but only works for dps classes after having grouped with them. A damage meter.

Scrolling Combat Text: If you like numbers for damage and healing in the middle of your screen instead of in your combat log.

TauntMaster: The Healbot for tanks. Shows who in your group has aggro, and allows you to taunt the mob of your group mates with a single click. Note that standard configuration for protection tanks is badly done, and there is no in-game menu to do better, but you can edit the lua file to fix that.

And that is it. Already quite a long list, and it reflects my main activities in the game: crafting and playing in groups. Bad jokes about reducing people to numbers apart, I'm using Gearscore and Recount to improve my own gear and performance, not to judge the gear or performance of others.

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