Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cultural differences to the Dungeon Finder?

You might have noticed that I didn't make predictions for 2010, I'm not a big fan of them. But I read those of other bloggers, and found this funny bit in Spinks' predictions: "A few months down the line, it will be generally agreed that the dungeon finder is more successful in the EU and Taiwan than in the US. No one will dare to comment on why this might be, except to bitch that the rest of the world is cheating by having a less individualist culture." Of course discussing it already makes the prediction fail, sorry Spinks, but I do find the subject interesting. Do you think the Dungeon Finder is more successful outside the US because of others having a less individualist culture?

Playing on European servers, I must say I'm positively astonished on the huge success rate my PuGs have. Over 95% of my PuGs up to now managed to kill the last boss and get the reward. And I did PuGs of all levels, not just level 80 heroics. My mage already got 20 emblems of triumph and isn't 80 yet, and that's just the rewards from the first random dungeon of the day. My pally is in his 60's, and already gained several levels just by dungeon runs. Of course my level 80's are using the dungeon finder as well, but more often than not in a guild group, where succeeding doesn't come as a surprise. While the competence level in PuGs is more variable, I rarely had the case that somebody was playing so badly that we couldn't do the dungeon. I experienced some wipes, most often from bad pulls, but very few people quitting after a wipe.

Is that any different on US servers? What is the success rates of your random PuGs found with the Dungeon Finder? Do you think it is true that the Dungeon Finder is less of a success in the USA?

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