Wednesday, January 20, 2010

MMOCrunch Fallen Earth Review

As I am not covering Fallen Earth on my blog, but some of you might be interested in that game, I'm linking here to the Fallen Earth review on MMOCrunch. I gave up on Fallen Earth very early, but what little experience I had with that game corresponds to what is written in that review.

My reasons for not playing Fallen Earth are totally subjective: I don't like FPS games in the first place, so a MMOFPS is already less likely to interest me than a game with a classic, slower form of combat. And I've grown less tolerant over the years of what is called in the review a "rough" game, as opposed to a "polished" one.

In what are probably equally subjective opinions, several other bloggers do like Fallen Earth very much for being different. This game certainly is not a "WoW clone". Thus if the basic description of the game sounds like something that could interest you, it is probably best to check out the game for yourself. Last thing I heard they were offering a 10-day free trial, which should be time enough to form an opinion for yourself.

EDIT: A reader proposed the Fallen Earth review on as being more representative of the game. Always a good idea to read several reviews, although playing the trial is still the best way to find out whether you like the game.

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