Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Is that still the same Gevlon?

People on the internet love nothing more than a good conspiracy theory, a subject on which my blog is notoriously short of. So to fill that gap, here is a thought: Is the person currently writing the Greedy Goblin blog under the name of Gevlon still the same Gevlon who started that blog? What if, like the Dread Pirate Roberts, the original Gevlon handed his blog over to somebody else, the only requirement being that the new author, in the words of Hobbes, must be nasty, brutish, and short?

The evidence for that theory is found in the very much changed writing on Gevlon's blog. Less than a year ago the original Gevlon wrote a very insightful post on when dps is Good Enough. In that article he calculated how much damage per second a dps player needed to produce to kill Patchwerk, and that doing that number would be "good enough". Quote: "If everyone else makes 5K DPS, they are still not carrying you, as you still put in enough effort. The fact that they do much more effort does not change the outcome of the fight, just the time spent."

Now compare that to his post of yesterday, where he argues the exact opposite point. He is in a random pickup group, finds that some dps are lower than the tank on the damage meter, and tries to force the pickup group to vote kick those dps, ending with him being vote kicked himself. Because, as the other players realize, the "bad dps" are in fact good enough (and funnily enough one of the guys Gevlon wants to kick does MORE dps than the "good enough" number he calculated in last years post). Kicking bad dps would just slow the pickup group more than "carrying" them.

Other evidence for "Gevlon" not being Gevlon any more are the relative lack of WoW economy posts, other than posting reader screenshots from economic "morons". The current Gevlon obviously doesn't share the old Gevlon's interest in virtual economics, but is more interested in group content and raiding. Which are inherently social activities, and thus not at all aligned with the interests of the original Gevlon.

And if you believed all that, next up my theory how Syncaine is in reality Tasos Flambouras.

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