Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A guild for the blogging community

Tamarind from Righteous Orbs founded a World of Warcraft guild for the blogging community, called Single Abstract Noun on the EU RP server Argent Dawn, Horde side. There is also a US chapter. I joined the Euro side with a Tauren shaman, now level 4, and owning 67 copper pieces. My plan for world domination currently involves getting to level 5, learning skinning and mining, and making some money that way.

I'm not quite sure why the guild is called Single Abstract Noun, but my clever guess would be that the single abstract noun in question is "guild". Tamarind had some problems with his previous guild, to who he hadn't advertised the fact that he was blogging, and then was "found out" when blogging about some guild drama. Been there, done that, but reached an understanding with my guild that I would refrain to name them or to rant too obviously about them. Bringing a blog to a forum fight is like bringing a gun to a knife fight, the other parties involved are likely to complain about that not being fair. Given that a blog usually has more readers and links to it than a guild website, a blogger who wanted to could name and shame his guild in a way that a Google search on the guild name would turn up his complaint about that guild as the first hit. World of Matticus discusses the problem.

Single Abstract Noun is not only for bloggers, but also for those otherwise engaged in the blogging community, e.g. frequent commenters. The guild is a social one, with very loose rules, and as many bloggers already have characters and guilds on other servers, you can expect to see a lot of "alts". But hey, hardcore raiding isn't all World of Warcraft is about. The role of MMORPGs as virtual worlds in which to meet and socialize has been neglected a bit in the past years, but I think the idea is coming back. Yesterday's post on World of Farmcraft might have been an extrapolation too far, but MMORPGs getting more features of social networks is pretty much certain for the not-so-far future.

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