Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Whiny Post Day

Klepsacovic invented Whiny Post Day, and it's today! So I have to come up with a subject to whine about, something that will annoy at least some of my readers. Fortunately Klepsacovic provided a helpful guide, stating that "The primary indicator of a whine instead a legitimate complaint is that someone else disagrees that there is a problem." Oh, wait, no, that would mean that every blog post in the world is a whine, because there is always some else who disagrees that there is a problem. But to take this definition in a narrower sense, I'll talk about something that I know will annoy some readers, because I have in fact already received comments telling me to "shut the fuck up" about that subject: Posting about my personal state of mind.

I am not a robot. I am an average guy, with normal human feelings. Some days I'm happy, some days I'm sad. And sometimes I get angry about rather insignificant stuff, like things that happened to me in a video game or in the blogosphere. That is a completely normal behavior. If you turned round a corner in your office and caught two of your colleagues bad-mouthing you at the water cooler, you would probably be upset. Most people would. So if I turn round a corner in the internet and catch people bad-mouthing me on their blog, or on Twitter, I get upset too.

And then I tend to air me being annoyed on my blog, at which point invariably some asshole turns up and threatens to "unsubscribe" if I don't stop posting personal stuff on my blog.

That is the kind of people I'd really like to punch in the nose. In fact they usually annoy me far more than whatever made me upset in the first place. How dare anyone tell me what I am allowed to write or not write on my own personal blog? This is MY personal space, the place where I post MY thoughts on various things. As apparently some people are interested in some of my thoughts on gaming, I'm generously allowing anyone to read those thoughts if they want. For free. And then some pimply teenager living in his mother's basement and amounting to nothing much in live comes and tells me that this or that post isn't what he wanted to read on my blog. Bloody hell, how about rubbing those two braincells together to produce the brilliant spark of an idea to just skip the posts he doesn't want to read?

Look, I'm quite willing to set up a subscription-only site if people prefer that. They pay me $15 a month for my blog posts and THEN we can discuss terms of contract on what subjects they want or don't want to have covered. But as long as people are just leeching free content from me, they have no right whatsoever to feel entitled to dictate to me what I can write about. And what kind of a threat is that to "unsubscribe" from a free site? I'd rather have a lot less readers and complete freedom than having a lot of readers who all try to control what I'm doing here. This blog isn't a democracry, it is mostly a monologue, with some opportunity for dialogue in the comment section. If anyone feels the need to control the content of a blog, they should write their own, where they can do just that!

If I'm upset about something, I reserve myself the right to post about it. And not just on Whiny Post Day!

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