Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Unnecessary click fest, Blizzard!

One of the changes in patch 3.3.3 is that the various battleground "mark of honor" have been phased out, and everything is bought by honor now. Good idea, lousy implementation! You need to exchange your marks for Commendations of Service at an NPC, and the stupid commendations are "Unique (10)", so you can only exchange 10 at a time. Then you need to leave the merchant screen, click 10 times to exchange the commendations for points, and then get the next 10 commendations. I didn't do much PvP in my life, but still I had over 150 marks of honor, taking far too much time, and far too many clicks to exchange. As a consequence there is a large group of players around that NPC spamming commendation exchanges and adding to the lag in Dalaran.

That could have been done better, Blizzard!

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