Tuesday, April 13, 2010

An EVE newbie moment

So I'm doing the missions for the first group of career agents, concentrating on the Industry career agent. The missions are generally quite good as added tutorial, leading you through various steps of a career. I learn to mine ore, to refine it, and how to manufacture items from the ore with a blueprint. Then I get a new mission to manufacture things, one that needs other metals than Tritanium, which means I need to find asteroids other than Veldspar.

I find out that I need Pyroxeres ore, which can be found in 0.8 to 0.9 security space. Easy enough, I think. I fly to such a sector, fly to the next asteroid belt, and check my overview for asteroids other than Veldspar. Hmmm, nothing. Next asteroid belt, get in a fight with some pirates, but still only Veldspar asteroids on the overview. Third asteroid belt, still only Veldspar on the overview, I'm starting to wonder why I can't find that Pyroxeres.

So I ask in the help channel, and some more experienced player enlightens me: By default for a new player the only type of asteroid shown are Veldspar. You need to click on the tiny triangle in front of the word Overview on top of the Overview window to find the Overview Settings, where you can select other Asteroids to show. Doh! None of that is explained in any of the tutorials up to that point, if you don't find another player explaining you how it works, or click through the asteroids manually instead of using the Overview, you're unlikely to ever find anything but Veldspar.

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