Monday, April 5, 2010

Special characters

Klepsacovic, which by the way is an east European name, hates all Europeans because apparently we are responsible for Blizzard allowing special characters in names. Well, for obvious reasons I kind of like Europe. But I *do* agree with Klepsacovic that it wasn't a good idea for Blizzard to allow special characters in names.

The World of Warcraft user interface is still not completely mouse-driven, so sometimes you need to type character names. Thus it gets rather annoying if the character name you want to type is Çðäòß, and none of these letters even appear on your keyboard. Also annoying is when people use special characters to circumvent rules that forbid certain too well known names, and you end up with elven hunters called Légoläs.

So, European or not, I'd be in favor of Blizzard changing their naming rules and allowing only standard 26 alphabet characters for names, and force everyone who used something else to change their name.

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