Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Questions about joining a player corporation in EVE

As lots of people advised me in the previous EVE threads to join a player corporation, and I even got a mail from a reader with an invite, I'd like to bundle the discussion of player corporations in one thread, that is HERE.

Status: The game put me in the "Royal Amarr" newbie corporation by default. I followed the advice of several readers and applied to EVE University, but other readers mentioned it could take weeks before they accept me. I got an offer to join a corporation from a Canadian player, but given the time zone difference I either need a very big internation corporation or a smaller European one if I ever want to actually meet somebody from my corporation.

And then there is the big question: For WHAT should I join a corporation? Last time is was in one was back in 2003, and at the time the only activity of corporations were joint mining operations (boooooring) and PvP. So why exactly would I be better off in a corporation than without one? Just as a point of comparison, I wouldn't necessarily advise a new player of World of Warcraft to join a guild right away, because guilds aren't all that useful for learning the game and leveling up, as they are mainly occupied with the end game. Is that different in EVE Online?

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