Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My tribe

If you like the Lost series or if you like just the idea of group of people living on deserted island, then you might like this game. My tribe is made by Big Fish Games, this game has really high quality standards. This game has really good graphics and it is also quite complex. This game is very similar to all those games where you are something like God. Games like Settlers, Populous are similar to this game, but unfortunately as most facebook games, it is focused on casual players so it is definetely not as complex as these games. Ok so what this game is all about? You are on the deserted island and you have to take care of group of people living there - your tribe. Everyone who lives on your island has to something if the tribe wants to survive so you set task to everyone who is able to work. Only adult can work, but on the island lives kids also and they grows, so when they reach the age of fourteen you can set them tasks also. People on your island can be fishermen, scientists, builders, miners, farmers or woodcutters. In this game you have to gather resources of many kinds like wood, rocks, shells, guano but even some magic ones like strdust or moondust. In this game you will also have to solve mysteries and much more. I have played it for only few hours, but I really liked it. Your tribesmen are even earning experience so there are also some rpg features in this game so take a peek on this game.
Rating 7/10

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