Monday, September 13, 2010

Nanostar siege

Hello fans of of the best facebook games, today I have found one really very promising looking game so I have decided to instantly write this review and share this game with everyone who likes this kind of games. The game Nanostar siege is surprisingly all about siege. In this game from Digital Chocolate. Your task is to build army of soldiers and heroes. Then you deploy soldiers on the vertical plane and the soldiers starts marching and fighting anything in their way until they reach eney castle or village. After destruction of the walls they start to destroy morale of your enemy until it reaches zero and you are winner of the fight. What is really amazing on this game that is is part of nanostar universe and decks of cards from other nanostar games you can use in this game also! These cards are heroes you can use in fight and that makes fighting in this game more amusing. You can also build your own defense, attack your friends, play campaing. Really very nice game and one of the best I have playd on FB so far.
Rating 8/10

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