Monday, September 13, 2010


Hi, do you remember that card game so many people wwre addicted to? Yeah Magic the gathering. If you like card games and especially fantasy card games then there are games on facebook you might do not know and you might like. My favourite card game on facebook is surprisingly not Zynga poker, because I like to play hold'em more for real money. My favourite card game on facebook is Warstorm and that is the reason why this article here on the best facebook games is going to be about this game. Some of my friends simply hates Warstorm, I don't know why because I really like it and I have to admit that I have spend many and many hours playing this game. Warstorm is game by Zynga and in this game your task is quite simple, but I think very amusing. In this game you are bulding squads from your cards and then fight again squads of random people, or squads of your friends or in campaign. You can build squads of four races. there a humans, elves, orcs, demons and undead. In this game there are many kind of cards like heroes, infantry, archery, flying units, spells and much more. That makes this game so great, because it is not very easy to make balanced pack and sometimes it is not even good idea. In some fight you need squad good against flying units, in another fight you need squad that is prepared to fight very quickly (every card has number and it must wait that number of turns until you can use it in fight, it very important part of game). Well enough of words, the battlefield is awaiting you so go on facebook, find Warstorm and kick some ass!
Rating 8/10

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