Monday, September 13, 2010

Social city

Do you remember Sim City? Back in the 90's it's been without any doubt one of the best pc games with huge number of fans. Sim city had lot of successors and it has been just matter of time when there will be some city building games on facebook. Social city is not the only city buliding game on the facebook, but because this is blog about just the best facebook games I've decided add to this blog just this one, unless there will be other game at least same good as this one. Social city is game by playfish and your task in this game is to build city, make money from factories and taking care of happiness of your population. In every game city buliding game is your task to have big city. If you want to have big city in social city than you need of course people. If you need peaople you need money fo their houses, but also you need to keep them happy, because without happines the city cannot grow. The game is really funny at least in the beginning and it has one of the best graphics I have seen in facebook games. Graphics is really quality and cute. It is game that is without a doubt worth a try.
Rating 7/10

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