Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Nightclub city

Nightclub city, the name of this game can be little bit confusing, because it might look like it is game when you are building some city with night clubs, but that is not the purpose of this game. I Really liked this game for some time so I added it here to Best Facebook Games. In this game you are building your own night club. You can choose how your club will look, you can choose from lot of decorations, lights, walls, bars, floors, dancefloors etc.. You can even choose who will work in your club so your friends can work there as bartenders or bouncers. You can also invite in your club some famous celebrities, well with quite strange names. I think that this game is really great fun in the beginning, because it has one thing almost no other games use that much and that is music. Of course, you are at the club, so music is very important part of it. This game changes a lot in time and so the music, so the songs that are in this game now are some completely different songs that you could play in this game few months before and it is developing all the time. You can choose if you want to play hip hop, electro, pop, house, disco or indie rock now. Unfortunately there is not big variety of tracks in each style and you cannot choose exact track you want to play. That is I think big minus of this game. If you make game with music you should add to it huge amount of music so everyone can choose what he or her likes.

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