Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mafia Wars tips, tricks and cheats

I'm really amazed that I've never put any article about Mafia wars here, game that is probably the most famous game, together with Farmville on facebook and definetely belongs among the best facebook games. Well, I'm sure if Mafia Wars is one of the best facebook games, but I'm absolutely sure that it is one of the oldest one and of the most popular. what is really great on Mafia Wars, is that it is still developing. Unlike many and many other games on facebook that are good, but could be great if they were developed, Mafia Wars was really quite average game similar to many others when started, but because it has been developed all the time since the beginning it is now really great game. I have to admit that I play Mafia Wars for very long time. I didn't play it for about half a year and few weeks ago I started to play again and I have realised that the game really changed. It could be said that it is now completely different game than it was in the beginning. It is more fun, more complex and there are so many thinks you can do there now. unfortunately, because it is so fames, makes some really nice money and lot of people plays it and controls it, it doesn't happen very often that you can do some cheating in the game. I was very fortunate more than year ago and it is maybe even longer, I don't remember exactly. I have found a gap in the game.
there was one job in New York (it was the only city in the game back then) that gave you so much experience, that if you put all points to energy you can level up infinitely. I remember that I have leveled up few hundred levels in one day until I get bored with it. But hell, it was really good. It is one the best thinks in playing PC games, where I found some way the creators of the game didn't want to let you go, I'm always happy. It is now much harder, but there must be something and if no cheats, there are definetely tips. In this article you will find some of those I like the most.Lets start with tips, Mafia wars belongs among the best facebook games and I'm sure that these tips might be really useful for new and even for experienced players.

1. don't forget to play tournaments in Vegas every time you can, you can win some really good items there pretty easily.

2. Try to play on 20 friends slots every day, it takes lot of time, but you can also won there some quite good stuff and even the boost are useful. you can find these slots under My Mafia.

3. the best loot items right now you can loot in Italy in The Eternal City, some really very very good weapons there.

4. DO MISSIONS, some of the best items in the game you can get only by doing missions

5. Want to have strong mafia? You simply have to add new players EVERY day.

6. Want to level up fast? Wast majority of points you should always invest into energy.

7. Don't forget the daily take. Lot of people forgets about the daily take. That is really big mistake. The reason is that it is really very small icon and many players simply misses it. MF is one of the best facebook games and make mistake like this by addinf such small icon to the game. Really don't know why. well the dailty take is on the man widnows of the game, when you click home and it is that small icon of the target. click on it every day, also some really good things you can get there, especially if you click on it continually.

That is all for now, there will be much more tips and tricks for Mafia wars here on best facebook games.

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