Thursday, February 3, 2011

Not a blogroll

I don't have a blogroll, mainly because I believe it is better to link to specific posts on other blogs with commentary than to just link to the whole blog. Also blogs come and go, and it is hard to keep a permanent list updated. But I do follow various blogs with the help of the Google Reader, and I just updated that list, throwing out several blogs that hadn't written any posts in 2011 yet. So I found a working OPML to HTML converter, exported the Google Reader subscription lists as OPML, and can thus now post that list here:If you are reading other blogs that you think I should look at, feel free to link to them in the comment section of this post. Pro tip: The comment section uses HTML, so if you want that link to be clickable, you'll need to use the correct HTML tags around it, e.g. <a href="">Tobold's Blog</a>

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