Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Standing in the fire

While replying to a comment of the previous post, I suddenly noticed an interesting connection with the "moron" discussion of earlier this month. You all know the expression of somebody "standing in the fire", describing a bad player in a raid. It is the most common description of a bad player, so common that Blizzard has both a loading screen message and an achievement mentioning it as a running joke.

But if, as many raiders claim, you are either a good player or a bad player (aka "moron"), and the bad player is best described as the guy standing in the fire, then by definition the skill of the good player is to *not* stand in the fire. Which is exactly what I've been saying.

If, however, you claim that being a good player involves taking complex individual decisions requiring high intelligence, and thus good players are downright geniuses, then a huge gap opens up between somebody too stupid to move out of the fire and those "geniuses". It is ridiculous to claim that whatever you are doing is complicated as rocket science, and at the same time claim that anybody not able to do it is a "moron".

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