Thursday, February 2, 2012

SWTOR claims 1.7 million subscribers, Rift goes Free2Start

In yesterday's investor's earnings call, Electronic Arts said they sold over 2 million copies of Star Wars: The Old Republic, and had 1.7 million subscribers. I'm not quite sure at what moment in time exactly they counted those subscribers, but if they really only lost 15% of their players after the free month, that would have been quite a success. Nevertheless I would say that we'd better wait for the next earnings call in 3 months to get a more solid idea of the longevity of SWTOR.

Trion on the other hand announced that you can now play the first 20 levels of Rift for free, in a version called Rift Lite. Which is an exact copy of what Blizzard offers for World of Warcraft. I'd love to see some official subscription numbers, but with all the latest news about Rift being about server merges and price reductions, I get the feeling that they aren't doing so well. It is likely that they lost a number of "anything-but-WoW" players to SWTOR.

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