Tuesday, February 21, 2012

WoW RealID premade HK farming

One of the universal truths of MMORPG PvP is that an organized group will always beat a random group. Now that Blizzard enabled people to form groups using their RealID, a good number of players are using this feature together with the addon "Preform AV Enabler" to run 10-man premades for WSG and other battlegrounds, with the goal of getting the 250,000 honor kill achievement. The power difference between such a premade and a random group is such that the premade group can often simply farm honor kills while camping the enemy graveyard.

Needless to say that takes the fun out of the game for those players who just wanted a fun random vs. random PvP battle. But requests to Blizzard to change things so as to prevent premade groups from spawn camping and HK farming on random groups on the official forums always degenerate into shouting matches. Which then get deleted by the moderators, giving the impression to the affected players that Blizzard doesn't hear them or doesn't care.

I think that while WoW isn't the best of PvP games to start with, it would at least be a better PvP game if it did a better job of matching groups of equal strength against each other. And that very much requires to let RealID premade groups fight ONLY against other premade groups, and random groups only against other random groups. That of course would provoke protests from the HK farmers, but frankly, people who are bored enough to want to farm 250,000 honor kills are likely to quit the game soon anyway.

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