Friday, February 3, 2012

What's Chinese for "Jedi"?

In the 2001 census in Britain, "Jedi" was the 4th largest religion. Even if probably most of them were just making fun of the government the specific choice of "Jedi" over some other fictional religion shows how much Star Wars is part of our culture. So when Azuriel discussed the plans of SWTOR to expand to Asia, I started to wonder how well known Star Wars is over there.

Actually that several questions: Do the Chinese for example even know "Star Wars", given that when the first films came out they were still behind an iron cultural curtain? And if "Star Wars" isn't popular in China, would a game like Star Wars: The Old Republic sell over there? How much of the success of SWTOR in the West is based on "it's Star Wars!!!", and how much is due to other reasons?

I don't think anybody has a complete answer to that, but if you know anything about the popularity of Star Wars in China or have some thoughts about the other questions, I would be interested in hearing them.

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