Friday, December 19, 2008

Improving my furniture

One day Blizzard is going to add player housing to World of Warcraft, and I already picked up this lovely chandelier called Charmed Cierge from Naxxramas last night. Prettiest staff I ever had, with 3 burning candles, the flames of which are always pointing correctly upright, no matter how you hold the staff. Very fitting for a priest.

I think that means I can abandon my efforts to gather the materials for a Titansteel Guardian. Yes that mace is only 1-hand and has better +spellpower. But the staff has better stats boni, and the mace is going to be nerfed in the next patch. Fully buffed I'm close to +1600 in healing now, and I still have lots of blue items.

Goal for today is doing the quest series that gives me Wand of Chilled Renewal, as I'm still wielding the level 70 badges wand. If anyone has other ideas how to get an awesome priest wand, they'd be welcome.

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