Wednesday, December 10, 2008

No dps needed for Naxxramas heroic

This post would have fit better into the Naxx theme of yesterday, but I've only read this news today: 2 German players 2-manned Loatheb on heroic. One tank and one paladin healer sneaked past the trash using invisibility potions, and then killed the probably easiest boss in Naxxramas in heroic mode. Slight disadvantage of not bringing 23 friends for dps: The fight took 3 hours and 12 minutes.

Teut worries that if raiding becomes to easy, WoW players would lose their role models, because the elite players quit the game out of boredom. But I don't think there is a huge risk of that, because somebody is always going to be "the best". If the top players quit, the second rank will simply become the new top, fulfilling the same role model function. And as this news show, if beating the game in a regular way isn't challenging enough, you can always make it artificially harder. Be leet, solo Naxxramas on heroic.

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