Saturday, December 27, 2008

Spore without SecuROM

I don't generally subscribe to the general gamers paranoia regarding digital rights management (DRM). I don't think SecuROM was designed to blow up my computer or spy on me, and only consider it a minor annoyance. Nevertheless I was annoyed at EA when hearing the news that Spore and other EA games are now available without DRM, if you buy them via Steam. This is kind of unfair to people like me, who bought Spore and Mass Effect before. So I'm a good little customer and rush out and buy EA games right when they come out, and for that I'm punished with SecuROM? And those who hold out and don't buy get the game without DRM?

EA, please, if you remove DRM from your games, make that valid for *all* customers. Offer a patch for Spore, Mass Effect, and the other games which removes SecuROM from the original version. Otherwise you're just teaching people to not buy your games when they come out, but wait until you publish the more consumer-friendly version.

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