Sunday, December 7, 2008

Winning Wintergrasp

After reaching level 80 yesterday, I did various "endgame" activities: Trying heroics, doing daily quests, and also a trip to Wintergrasp for some PvP. My priest isn't really a PvP character, he never ever has set foot into a battleground. But Wintergrasp is a lot of fun, and the use of turrets and vehicles helps characters who don't have the talent build and gear for PvP. So I went to Wintergrasp at 80, and by a strange series of coincidences ended up playing a major role in winning it.

It started with me being in Dalaran, and checking the Wintergrasp battle master when the next battle would start. He told me that a battle was currently in progress, so I clicked on the portal next to him and teleported to the Horde flight point in Wintergrasp. The battle was in full swing, only 15 minutes to go. I would have loved to grab a siege engine, but to do so one first needs to have 2 honor kills, which gives you the corporal rank, and access to the smallest catapult vehicle. 10 more honor kills gives you access to all vehicles. I passed by the vehicle shop anyway, and there was another player rolling out with a big siege engine. Great, those have several spots for up to 4 players. I jumped on, and manned the turret, the driver only has control over driving and the ram in that one.

Several walls already being down, the driver drove right up to the final door of the fortress, trying to batter it down, with me using the turret to shoot other vehicles and players running around. But Alliance seriously outnumbered us, and even with 11 tenacity buffs the siege engine was soon destroyed. But then some sort of bug or glitch happened. When a vehicle is destroyed, you are ejected, and can fight on on foot. Only that my siege engine was in close contact with the final fortress door, and I found myself ejected INTO the inner sanctum. In there is a huge orb, clicking on which for several seconds wins the battle. Only because the door was still closed, the orb wasn't active yet.

Well, I could have tried to get out again, but as the battle was close to the end, I decided to just stay in the inner sanctum. I met two Alliance players there, one after the other, and killed them both. The first one was even worse in PvP than I was (normally a holy priest shouldn't stand a chance against a druid). The second player had run inside because he was already seriously wounded, and my Smite killed him before he even knew what was happening. But other than that, I was just waiting.

And then it happened: 1 minute 30 seconds before the battle timer ended, some Horde player with a siege engine broke open the door. I was standing *behind* the orb, so the Alliance players coming in didn't see me immediately. And I clicked on the orb, and after seconds that seemed endless, managed to activate it and capture the fortress. Yay, I won! Nice feeling, but due to lack of honor kills I never even got the tokens for winning, just some honor. But hey, it was great fun!

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