Thursday, January 22, 2009

Is patch 3.0.8 a disaster?

I think WoWInsider is exaggerating. Wintergrasp and arenas being down for a few days, and there still being the same lag problems as before the patch, don't make patch 3.0.8 a "disaster".

You might have noticed ;) that I'm personally unhappy with the nerf to holy priests, because it reduces the number of viable talent trees for priests from 3 to 2. And I'm pretty certain that hunters aren't happy about the 3.0.8 nerfs either. But I do recognize that class balance is a weak point of WoW since patch 3.0.2 (just ask Warlocks if they think their class is well balanced now), and the various nerfs and changes are Blizzard's way of trying to improve the situation. That is good, even if it is a hit and miss affair.

A lot of other changes in patch 3.0.8 are minor, but positive. Some icons have been spruced up, some timers for clicking on clickable stuff have been shortened, some bugs have been removed. Some of those minor changes have bigger effects, for example the fact that pulling with a non-damaging ability now tags the mob will fundamentally change how some classes pull in overcrowded areas.

So, apart from personal and subjective anger over being nerfed, the worst thing about patch 3.0.8 you can say is mentioning the things it didn't do: It didn't fix lag and server problems, it didn't add another raid dungeon, it didn't introduce dual spec, it didn't fix class balance, it didn't cure AIDS, and it didn't bring world peace. Calling it a disaster tells you more about people's unrealistic hopes than about how things really are.

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