Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Raid discussion in the blogosphere

While there has been a lot of lengthy raid discussion on this blog lately, I noticed that several other bloggers had some excellent comments on raiding on their blogs which were significantly shorter than mine. No surprise really, I tend towards the verbose. But I'd like to link to some of the recent highlights:

Melmoth from Killed in a Smiling Accident has a Thought of the Day: "Raiding these days is like trying to play Super Mario Brothers with twenty-four other characters on the screen at the same time. All yelling at each other."

Rohan from Blessing of Kings has a far more practical approach to people not knowing how to raid: Build a website to teach them. Quote: "It's a wiki, so if anyone wants to contribute, feel free. The important part is to keep things simple. The intended audience is not the people who can do 3000 DPS and are trying for 3500. The intended audience are the people struggling at 1000 DPS. After they master the basics, they can go to Elitist Jerks and delve into the deep theorycraft." Very laudable!

Zubon from Kill Ten Rats has a simple formula for game developers to improve their game: "I have discovered the problem: you are not doing enough of what I like. Your game would be much better if it were made more for me. Also, because that would make your game better, other people would like it more, so you would make more money. Developers, please fix that!"

And finally, but not directly on the topic of raids, Relmstein reminds us in his 2009 predictions that "People will grow tired of Wrath of the Lich King in the summer". I completely agree. And nothing, absolutely nothing, that Blizzard could possibly change in the raid difficulty of either Naxxramas or Ulduar is going to change that. It just might affect who exactly quits WoW first.

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