Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Trivial adventuring

In the last open Sunday thread somebody was asking what the use of private servers was. He had a spoof video on YouTube making fun of the fact that on private servers you can often get levels, gold, and gear just by clicking on an NPC, with no actual playing involved. On some you can even run around as level 255, soloing everything. That might be fun for 10 minutes, but then quickly stops being entertaining. There is no challenge, and no real reward. I certainly wouldn't want to play on such a private server.

But then I noticed that among my friends and in my guild there were several people going for achievements like being exalted with 40 factions, or the loremaster title. To do that you need to do low-level, grey quests. Hundreds of them. To me that is about as exciting as cruising WoW with a level 255 character: There is no challenge, no reward, just a pure grind of trivial tasks. If I wanted to do those quests again, I'd rather roll an alt, and do the quests at the appropriate level, where there is at least *some* challenge to it. But obviously that isn't an opinion shared by everyone.

How do you feel about trivial adventuring, doing grey quests, farming grey mobs? Does it have any lasting fun for you beyond the initial rush of feeling super powerful? Is it worth doing for hours to get some achievement and title?

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