Thursday, March 26, 2009

Games for senior citizens

My father, who is 74 and hasn't played a single computer game in his life (after giving up on an early console that played Pong on our TV), asked me to install him a "computer game" on his PC. He sees how much time I'm spending with games, and wonders if he is missing anything. Okay, kudos to my father for being open-minded. But what game do I know that he could possibly play? My father has a computer, but constantly comes running to me with problems to which the solution usually is that he should have right-clicked instead of left-clicked. Complex games like World of Warcraft are out. And of course he doesn't have a teenager's reflexes, so simple but fast games are out too.

Up to now I came up with Mahjong and Peggle. He didn't want Solitaire or similar card games. Anyone else got a good idea for a PC game for a senior citizen?

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